Monday, October 28, 2019

ExploreVM Podcast Season 3 Episode 4: VMworld 2019 Pt 2

In a two part series, we take a look at VMworld 2019, some of the announcements, and the community around the convention.

Part 2 features discussions around attending a large conference, interacting with the community, and how to get involved both before and at the conference.

Listen to "Season 3 Episode 4: VMworld 2019 Part 2" on Spreaker.

My Guests:
Sean Massey - Twitter
Tim Smith - Twitter
Eric Stacey - Twitter
Tim Smith's Website
Sean Massey's Website
Eric Stacey's Website

Do you have an idea or a topic for the show? Would you like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast? Or just keep up the conversation about VMworld 2019? If so, please contact me on TwitterEmailLinkedInInstagram, or Facebook.

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