Monday, September 23, 2019

ExploreVM Podcast Season 3 Episode 3 - VMworld 2019 Pt. 1

In a two part series, we take a look at VMworld 2019, some of the announcements, and the community around the convention.

This episode features return guests to the show with some hot takes around recent announcements, acquisitions, and products.

Listen to "Season 3 Episode 3: VMworld 2019 Part 1" on Spreaker.

My Guests & Links:
Twitter - Angelo Luciani
Angelo's Blog
Twitter - Josh Fidel
Operation Underground Railroad
Morpheus Data
Damn Near Kiltem
Twitter - Sean Thulin
Thulin' Around

Do you have an idea or a topic for the show? Would you like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast? Or just keep up the conversation about VMworld 2019? If so, please contact me on TwitterEmailLinkedInInstagram, or Facebook.

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