Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ExploreVM Podcast - Wisconsin VMUG UserCon Wrap Up

I was at the Wisconsin VMUG UserCon for the first time in a long time as an attendee, not a speaker. So I took the opportunity to have conversations with vCommunity members and take in more sessions than usual.

I had a different interview approach in the first group of clips as I was "Ambush Interviewing" people. I walked up with a hot mic and just started the interview!

Listen to "Wisconsin VMUG UserCon Wrap Up" on Spreaker.

I crashed Sean Massey & Nigel Hickey's chat
Ariel & Tony talking about the benefits of the vCommunity
WI VMUG Leader Brian Kirsch talking about the War Dogs Charity

Post VMUG shenanigans at the Brewers vs Cubs game
More post Brewers Game shenanigans, vBrisket Wisconsin Style
More post Brewers Game shenanigans, vBrisket Wisconsin Style

Show Links:

War Dogs
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Aaron Bolthouse on Twitter
Tim Davis on Twitter
Ariel Sanchez on Twitter
Josh Fidel on Twitter
Brian Kirsch on Twitter
Sean Massey on Twitter
Nigel Hickey on Twitter
Jon Hildebrand on Twitter
vBrownBag on Twitter

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