Monday, April 30, 2018

ExploreVM Podcast - Introducing Skylines Academy

Continuing to educate yourself in new technologies has been a recurring topic on this show. Today we're going to chat with a group that went a step further and started their own academy.

Use coupon code ExploreVM for half off your Skylines membership during the month of May.

Listen to "Introducing Skylines Academy" on Spreaker.

I strongly suggest taking a look at skylines academy to begin your Azure journey.
And hey, half off with code ExploreVM isn't too shabby either.
Also, what do you think of the new theme music? A long time friend of mine, Matt Carlson, sent over a song he felt was techy and nerdy, so a perfect fit for the show.

Show Links:
Skylines Academy
kylines Academy on YouTube
Nick Colyer on Twitter
Amy Manley on Twitter
Brette Bossick on Twitter
2 Ninjas 1 Blog

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