Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nutanix Xtract Now GA: Simplified migration from ESXi to AHV

Nutanix Xtract is now GA

Originally announced at .Next this past June, Nutanix Xtract is a one click experience to simplify the migration of ESXi VMs to AHV. 

Xtract is agentless and retains the network configuration to the new AHV VM. As data is periodically synced to the target VM during the process, the only downtime comes when you cut over to the new VM. During the migration process, AHV drivers are automatically installed on the VMs operating system. The Xtract migration process also automates several of the manual tasks encountered by other migration tools. Looking to mitigate some of the risks with migrating VMs between platforms, Xtract comes with a roll back feature built in.

Xtract 1.0 is now available to all Nutanix customers for free. You can watch a demonstration of Xtract for VMs here. For more information, check out www.nutanix.com/xtract.
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