Monday, July 3, 2017

Nutanix Next 2017 Wrap Up: Adding Google Cloud & Veeam to the Party!

As the Nutanix Next conference wrapped up for another year, there were a few more announcements since the Wednesday evening keynote, which I originally wrote about HERE. Attendance numbers looked to be around 3800 or so. In 2018, .Next will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana on May 8-10th.

Nutanix & Google Partnership

Nutanix and Google Cloud announced a strategic partnership at Next 2017. The primary focus of this partnership appears to be application mobility and the integration of hybrid cloud solutions. The Nutanix features which will first be available with this partnership include Xi Cloud Services for GCP, Calm for GCP, and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS with Kubernetes. 

This partnership allows users to traverse data stored in GCP,  Xi Cloud Services Disaster Recovery, and locally without the need to migrate to one location. Using Calm for GCP, administrators could have one-click deployment of applications across both in house Nutanix environments and Google Cloud Platform locations using application blueprints. Enterprise Cloud OS will be able to utilize Acropolis Container Services (ACS) & Google Container Engine (GKE) to deploy Kubernetes workloads, using Calm Blueprints, either locally or in Google Cloud.

Veeam & Acropolis Hypervisor Integration

Adding another vendor to it's backup and recovery space, it was announced Friday that Veeam will now support the Acropolis Hypervisor. Veeam will utilize a virtual appliance to call AHV APIs. This will allow for agentless backups, as well as application consistent backups utilizing Nutanix Guest Tools. Veeam will utilize native AHV snapshots, and AHV Change Block Tracking (CBT) for periodic image level backups. Veeam Explorers will also be able to be utilized in an AHV environment.

Nutanix X-Ray

Nutanix X-Ray has been introduced as benchmarking and testing tool for on site and cloud based workloads. Some of the initial use cases being proposed by Nutanix include: workload simulation, node failure simulation, snapshot impacts over the long term, and database workload interference. A trial download of X-Ray can be found Here. 

If you were not able to make it to the conference this year, several videos have already been uploaded to YouTube. There will also be an Online .Next airing some of the breakout sessions which were recorded during this years conference. That should be live in the next month or so, keep an eye on the Nutanix social media accounts for updates. 

For more details on the major announcements from .Next 2017, take a look at the Nutanix News page. 

The Nutanix & GCP press release can be found here
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