Monday, November 7, 2016

Quick Update & North Central WIVMUG Slide Deck - Upgrading to vSphere 6 (updated)!

Below you'll find the slide deck from my most recent VMUG session, "Upgrading to vSphere 6 - Updated", from the North Central WIVMUG Super VMUG meeting on 11/03 at UW Eau Claire.This session was updated to include information about the VCSA migration tool.

I appreciate all of the feedback and questions I receive about my sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions here or on Twitter (@ExploreVM).

As an aside, I've had some personal matters come up lately. This has taken up a lot of my free time which would have been dedicated to blogging & podcasting. I will be writing on this subject shortly, as well as getting back to creating more content soon! I'm also migrating away from Blogger to another platform, and have a new logo and stickers created! Ask me for a sticker next time you see me at a VMUG event!