Monday, May 9, 2016

My VMworld Abstract - "Simplifying the Sys Admin’s Day with vRealize [8325]"

Like many people, I've taken a shot at an opportunity to speak at VMworld 2016 by submitting an abstract to the VMworld call for papers. Now that public session voting has begun, I'd like to share my abstract. Should you find my session relevant, I ask for your support by voting for me to present at this years VMworld. I've placed a link which will take you to the Public Session Voting page below. I thank you for your support!


Simplifying Sys Admin’s Day with vRealize (8325)


Small/Medium Business (SMB) Administrators face numerous challenges in their day to day operations. What if some of the workload around monitoring, planning, compliance, and resource requests could not only be simplified, but automated as well? This introduction to vRealize Operations Manager (vROPs) & vRealize Automation (vRA) will demonstrate practical applications for use in the SMB environment. 

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the reporting and capabilities of vROPs, coupled with the automation abilities of vRA through demonstrations. The benefit of real world implementations, such as time & costs savings, will also be provided through customer testimonials. Although this session will have a focus on SMB environments, Enterprise admins will find value in this session as well as the examples will be easily relatable to challenges faced in large scale environments.


·        Introduction
·        vRealize Ops & vRealize Automation Introduction
·        Brief overview of product installation
·        Features call out with SMB applications
·        Real world examples
·        Q&A

Key Takeaways

  1.      vRealize Ops provides a centralized overview of the ESXi environment that offers simplified resolution to alarms
  2.       vRealize Automation can be leveraged for resource requests, freeing up the admin’s time to focus on other tasks 
  3.       Combining the power of both vRealize Ops & vRealize automation, SMB admins can save time and money
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Session ID: 8325

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