Sunday, July 7, 2013

Got my foot in the door.

Well everyone, I've caught my break. After 6 months of applying, submitting resumes, and meeting with recruiters, I have finally got an IT job! Effective July 15th I'll be an ID Management Support Technician for a large, multinational company working at it's headquarters in Milwaukee. This position gives me the opportunity to build ever important work experience, which has been holding me back on my job hunt.

My main job requirements consist of managing users security settings through Active Directory, building and deploying desktop/laptop computers, and deploying mobile devices for new employees. Mobile deployment will be a new skill set for me, which, after talking to a few people already in the IT field and technical recruiters, looks to be an excellent addition to my resume. I've been told by more than a few people that mobile deployment is highly sought after right now. Oh, and on top of learning new skills, this position comes with a (small) bump in pay.

Everything's coming up Millhouse Paul, right? Well, not quite. Remember a couple of posts ago when I said "fortune favors the bold"? This is certainly the case. This position is only a short term contract. I've been told there is a chance of being hired on or the contract being extended, but the reality of the situation is to take this new position, I have to give up a job I have been at for just over 9 years. Is this a risky move? Certainly. Is it worth it? I say yes. I have to take the opportunity to build my professional experience when it's offered to me. In this job market, I'd be a fool not to. I've just got to push forward with the optimistic outlook that my hard work will pay off in the end. So if anyone happens to be looking for some new employees in a couple of months, keep me in mind!